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The ETC Browser is a specific restriction set up by the Admin. If your Admin has not set up this restriction, this type of login will not be functional. After downloading, you will need an Activation Code to unlock the browser. If you do not know your Activation Code, please speak with your account Admin.

  • The browser will open and get placed on your computer's desktop, you can open it from there in the future.

Just looking for a standard shortcut? Download one here.


What if I don’t have an Activation Code?
Are you sure you are looking for the ETC Browser specifically? If you are just needing to create a shortcut to the login page, you can do so with the “Create Shortcut” link located at the bottom of the login page. If you know the ETC Browser is what you’re needing, the Activation Code can only be retrieved by the account Admin.
Where can the Admin get the Activation Code?
From the Admin account, go to the Setup tab, Clock In Restriction. If this restriction is set, you will see a “Display Code” button. Click the button and you will see the Activation Code. Make sure there is a number larger than “0” in the Computers column.
As an Admin, will I need to use the ETC Browser, as well?
The Admin is never restricted by the Clock In Restriction settings. You can use any browser on any device.
I’m on a Mac device, will this still work?
At this time, the ETC Browser is only offered on PC devices. Speak with your account Admin for other restriction options.

Manual Download