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By default, employees can clock in from any web enabled device. However, we offer several access restriction options. Restrict logins by IP Address, browser, or to a specific download called “ETC Vault.” Mobile app clock ins can be restricted to specific geofences, and employees can be set to only clock in and out on the mobile app. If you have a fingerprint or badge reader, employees can be blocked from using another clocking method.

Learn more about location restriction.

Location restrictions aren’t the only way to designate how employees clock in. If employees work the same schedule every week, you can set a shift to restrict early clock ins or late clock outs (feature not compatible with readers).

Learn more about shift restriction.

Select Admin pages can be granted to usernames, if you want an employee to have access beyond the time card, calendar, and Who’s In report. Supervisor access allows a username to view and, or edit time cards of the employees in their department.

Learn more about supervisor restriction.