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Do you want employees to approve their time cards before you run payroll? We have several approval options available. Digital approvals will display approval status on select reports, and approved time cards will lock the pay period from any additional punches or changes.


The time card can be printed by the employee, and signed on a signature line.

The Individual Report includes an employee signature line and can be printed all at once, with each employee on a separate sheet.

The Authorization Report is similar to the Individual Report, and has customizable signature statements for employees and supervisors.


The employee time card can include an “Approve for Payroll” button with a customizable approval statement.

An approval button can be activated for supervisors. If both employee and supervisor need to approve the time card, the system will require the employee’s approval before the supervisor can utilize the button.

An Admin approval will approve and lock all time cards at once.

Learn more about approvals.