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View time card data in real time using various report styles. Reports will calculate totals with any overtime, double time, paid time off, and pay rate totals you have set in the account. Most reports can be printed and, or exported to Excel. Time Card reports can be customized to display as much or as little information as you need. All reports are stored in archive after 18 months.

These are our most popular reports:

Detailed – View clock in times, daily, weekly, and pay period totals, and gross pay calculations for all employees, broken down by project, worksite, or PTO category.

Summary – View pay period totals for all employees, export data to payroll software.

Authorization – Print out a report for each employee with a signature line and a supervisor signature line.

Who’s In – See in a glance who is currently clocked in and who is has clocked out for the day.

Access Report – This Admin exclusive report serves as a complete audit log for all activity in the account. Recover deleted data, monitor employee activity, and retrieve IP Adresses and GPS locations used to access the site.