Accrue PTO

ETC Offers Customizable Paid Time Off Tracking And Accruals.

Restrict By Location

Restrict Clock-Ins By IP Address, A Secure Browser, Mobile App GPS, And More.

Assign Supervisors

Grant Additional Privileges To Specific Usernames To Edit Time Cards And Manage Employees.

Payroll Integration

Export And Import Time And Attendance Data Into Many Different Payroll Companies.

Monitor Lunches, Breaks, & Project Hours

Employees Can Clock In And Out Of Different Projects, Lunches, And Breaks—Paid Or Unpaid—To Help You Budget Time And Payroll.

Edit Time Cards

Mistakes Happen! But You Can Easily Add, Edit, Or Remove Time Card Entries For Your Employees.

What Employees Can Do:

View Time Card

Employees Can View Daily, Weekly, And Pay Period Totals.

Request Changes

Employees Can Request PTO Or Make Corrections To Their Time Cards.

Approve Hours

For Employees, Approving A Time Card Is Just The Click Of A Button!

Enter PTO

Employees Can Document PTO Usage On Their Time Cards.

View PTO Balances

Current PTO And/Or Sick Leave Balances Can Be Available For Employees To View.

Note Mileage, Expenses, Etc.

Employees Can Track Mileage And Record Expenses Or Reimbursements On Their Time Cards.

Clocking In

Web – Employees log into the website using a computer, a tablet, or a browser on their phone. From there, they can clock in and out and view their time card. Location restrictions available.

Mobile App – Download a free mobile app from the App Store or Play Store for clocking on-the-go. GPS restriction and tracking available.

Reader – Employees scan their badge, finger, or face at a machine connected to Ethernet or WIFI. The punch is sent to the system through the cloud.

Editing Time Cards
Access / Restrictions
Projects / Job Tracking
Breaks / Lunch
Audit Log
Payroll Export
Reseller Programs

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Hands-on demo with Admin, Supervisor, and Employee level access.

Hands-on demo with Admin, Supervisor, and Employee level access.

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