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Multi colored fobs!

Promo Code: Pride

This is a limited supply of a different fob than our standard stock. Available in green, yellow, red, black, and blue. You can expect a similar performance as the standard key fobs, with approximately an inch less proximity sensitivity (in other words, you have to hold it just a little closer to the machine).


Redeem by using promo code: Pride when requesting a quote for key fobs. Make sure to request desired colors/amounts in the Questions? field.


Offer ends: When supply runs out!

Color Fobs - Smaller

update: blue sold out

Reader Promotion

Purchase a new Fingerprint or Badge Reader and SAVE!

Promo Code: Equality


Save $25 on your next reader order. Redeem by using promo code: Equality when requesting a quote for models US15CR and US15C-ID.


Offer ends: July 31, 2024

Biometric Fingerprint & Badge

*Promotions not applicable with other offers or discounts. 

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