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If you need a fast and secure way for your employees to clock in and out, check out our readers! Our biometric fingerprint, face, and badge readers are optional accessories to your ETC account. When connected to the internet through an Ethernet or WI-FI connection, punches are uploaded to our system in real time.

Proximity Badge


Badge Reader

Wave a proximity badge in front of device to clock in and out

RFID Proximity Badge

PIN Entry

Biometric Fingerprint & Badge


Fingerprint & Badge Reader

Press finger on scanner to clock in and out, or wave a proximity badge in front of device.

Biometric Fingerprint

RFID Proximity Badge

PIN Entry

Facial Recognition & Badge


*This device is a special order item and may take longer to ship. 

Face & Badge Reader

Let the device do all the work! Scan face to clock in and out, or wave proximity badge in front of device.

Facial Recognition

RFID Proximity Badge

PIN Entry

More Options



Proximity Badge
approximately the size of a credit card

$1.50 each


Key Fob
approximately the size of a half-dollar (includes a key ring)

$1.50 each


The price of shipping will be determined when your order request is processed and included on your quote and invoice. Please allow at least 3-4 business days for delivery when placing an order. Duration of shipping will vary for orders shipped outside of the Continental US. Shipping may be delayed for special order items, and any items currently out of stock.


Easy Time Clock offers a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on new readers and a 60-day warranty on preowned readers (unless otherwise stated), from the date of purchase. This warranty will only be upheld upon the proper use of Easy Time Clock hardware and will not apply if the product has been damaged or impaired in any way, including but not limited to power surge, water, or malicious damage. Please contact Support to help determine if your reader is in need of repair. If the reader is submitted for repair outside of the warranty period, you will be provided with a quote for the estimated cost of parts, repair, and shipping.


You can return your reader back to us for a refund minus a 25% restocking fee within 30 days of your purchase. The equipment must be returned in “like new” condition with all parts and original packaging included. Any abuse or misuse of the terminal will void any refunds. We may offer a buyback option after 30 days if the reader is no older than 2 years and still in “like new” condition. Contact Support for more details.
*No returns available for special order items or shipping costs.