On April 27th, Beth and Alisha volunteered with the NW OKC Chamber at the Oklahoma City Arts Festival. They were put in charge of running the North side Beer and Drink tent! “For me, the best part of that day was getting to relive my early twenties serving drinks again. But this time, instead of pen and paper, we were able to use a tablet! I like getting to see the variety of people, that was fun!” –Alisha, CEO of Easy Time Clock.

Beth really enjoyed the people watching and peaking at the local art. “My husband is an accomplished and talented artist. It’s hard for me to look at the paintings and not think, my husband could do that! I’m going to go home with all of these ideas and encourage him to be in the next arts fest.” Above all, the two really enjoy working with the NW OKC Chamber.  “Every time we have an event I get to see people I recognize and get to know them more. It’s like getting to work with all your friends!”