Did you notice our update to the ETC Browser?

ETC Vault Update

It used to look like this:

Warning Logo

Now it looks like this!

Cloud Image

Not only will you now have our Logo (from 2016), the browser has a new name:

ETC Vault

Even better, ETC Vault has been updated to work with a variety of .Net computers and created improved compatibility for newer Windows Operating Systems.

Unfortunately, as with any updates, there could be glitches. Below, you will find some info that might be helpful to you and your staff. Feel free to forward on to each employee whose computer might have updated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

If you are not able to access ETC Vault and are getting a pop up to contact Support, please try these steps:

1. Dump the old Browser/Vault
2. Go to http://www.easytimeclock.com/EtcVault
3. Scroll down and click “Manual Download”
4. Click “Click to Download”

This will download Vault into the Downloads folder of your computer. You will need to manually move it from Downloads to the desktop.

If you are still receiving an error or need additional help, please contact Support@EasyTimeClock.com.