Passwords You Should Never Use

As we get off to our 2019 start and are fading out of your News Years Resolution (who actually keeps those?) there is one change in your life you should make-how you manager your passwords.

Digital security is an increasingly hot topic. You can find a lot of buzz words, but do any of them actually help you on a day to day basis? Probably not.

One easy way you can work towards protecting yourself online is by updating your passwords on a regular basis and knowing what passwords to avoid.

Here are some common passwords you should never use personally or for your business.

“Password” or “Password1” or “Password2”.

“QWERTY” this comes from just being lazy and typing in letters in order on the keyboard.

“12345” or “23456 “or anything in order. Consecutive numbers or consecutive letters are very easy to guess.

Business Name or Business Address-Hackers are more than likely going to try something with your business name before trying anything else.

Date of Birth/Child birthday/Child Name/Spouses Name- just don’t use anything related to your family, especially if you can easily find it out by looking through your Facebook profile.

“Admin” or “Admin1”

Is your password on the list of top 100 most common passwords as announced by If it is, its time to change it!

MSN has announced their list of the top 25 worst passwords of 2018. Are your passwords listed? If so, time to make a change!

When it comes to password safety, the biggest thing to remember, is to not have the same password for your personal things, such as your Facebook page, and your business credit card.

For a list of the top 100 passwords of 2018, and to make sure your password is not on the list, visit . MSN also has a list