Encouraging Productivity in the Workspace Using Time Cards


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Remote work has plenty of advantages, from a better work-life balance for employees to lower overhead costs for the employer. 2019 research from Gallup even recommends that at least 60 to 80% of an employee’s workweek to be spent remotely. However, remote working also has its disadvantages, namely those that lower productivity at home. For instance, kids, rambunctious pets, and background music. On the other hand, it’s also very possible to overwork, and thus burnout, more often. After all, employees can clock out whenever they want to.

Fortunately, time cards can promise that much-needed productivity boost to employees no matter what their job is. Here are some examples:

Promotes employee satisfaction in human resources

While the human resources department handles many tasks, such as recruitment and training, one of the more important ones is managing employee payroll. Time cards can help HR personnel log and compute pay faster. Since the time cards are actually filled out by the employees, this also leads to pay transparency in the workspace. Incidentally, Inc’s report also notes how pay transparency is also the key to employee retention. “More than half (58%) of employees would consider switching jobs for more pay transparency, and for Gen-Z, the number jumps to 70%,” says Tanya Jansen, a co-founder of compensation management firm Beqom. This way, HR won’t have to keep hiring employees and the company saves money. 

Helps accountants streamline the payroll system

Along with HR, the accounting section pays close attention to payroll. The good news is that technology is making the organization of the payroll a lot more streamlined. As Alisha Gardner explains, accountants are able to combine payroll systems with time clocks, whether manually or through specialized software like an Application Programming Interface. A post from the USA Today Network found that those who work in payroll accounting can use time clocks to break down employee hours into different categories as well, which makes salary computations go faster.

For companies looking to hire new accountants that have expertise in these fields, online schooling programs are now training professionals with the latest payroll skills. Maryville University’s online bachelors in accounting overview notes how these modern accountants are taught the latest in advanced accounting information systems and advanced managerial accounting. Included in these sections will be expertise in handling the latest payroll technology, which in turn will make them much more productive employees. 

Helps project managers oversee their teams

Project managers are in charge of planning, organizing, and executing projects. Much like accountants, their work takes them to multiple departments, such as marketing for promotions and finance for budgeting. Many online project management courses listed on Business Insider even teach them people management skills as well as usage of technical tools like JIRA and VSDX to help them become more efficient at their work. Time cards can help speed up their processes more. For example, time card software can help project managers develop entire schedules. It can even help them track the team’s day-to-day work, making sure that all their hours are spent productively.

Time cards are more than tools employees use to log their hours, they have surprising workflow benefits too, like better time management. If your company wants to remain competitive, especially in a time of remote work, it needs time cards.

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By: Ruella Jenell