Vault Restriction

This restriction is limited to PC computers. This downloadable program is a Microsoft Edge emulator that requires a password to unlock. This help file will go over setup, and then maintaining Vault as you add new usernames. 

Part One: Setting up Vault Restriction

If downloading Vault onto the computer you're using now, click the Download Vault Here link to download the .exe file.

Step 1: Click New Activation

(If you already see a Show Key Code button, you may not need to activate a new Key Code.)

Step 2: Click Show Key Code

Take note of the 4-digit password, if downloading the program yourself.

Step 3: Change Uses Remaining

If you need to download to more than 10 computers, or if you want to make sure employees don't unlock computers that shouldn't be authorized, change the number to a smaller or larger amount.

Step 4: Set Username to a username or keep All Usernames

All Usernames allows the program to let any of the employees log in with that Key Code. By setting to an individual username, the program won't let anyone else log in from the computer the Key Code is used on.

Tip: Keeping All Usernames usually requires less maintenance.

Step 5: Send to Employees

The Email link will generate an email with download instructions and the Key Code for you to send to employees.


Can I use Vault on a Mac computer?  

Vault is not compatible with Mac. Authorized Browser is the suggested alternative.  

Where did the program download to? 

After download, you should be able to find Vault as a blue and white shield icon on the desktop. 

Part Two: Maintaining Vault

Occasionally, you may have to come back to the Clock In Restriction page to… 

  • Send the link with instructions to download Vault
  • Authorize additional uses
  • Retrieve the Key Code


Show Key Code: Click to see the Key Code

Uses Remaining: Increase number and save

Share: Send to employees


Why is a new computer not taking the Key Code we’ve always used?  

As the Key Code is used to unlock Vault on each device, the “Uses Remaining” goes down. On the Clock In Restriction page, if you see a “0,” you will need to allow more uses by adding a larger number and saving.  

How do I change the username that shows on the Vault login page?  

If you find an employee’s name is hardcoded into the Username field but you need a new employee to use it, go to the Clock In Restriction page, find the old employee’s name and use the dropdown menu to choose the new employee. Close and reopen the Vault program.