Get to Know Ellie!

Ellie Wright describes herself as an artist and a writer, but her team sees her as so much more than that.  Joining Easy Time Clock as a customer service specialist in 2014, Ellie’s leadership abilities and “get things done” attitude got her potential noticed quickly.  In the office, Ellie is veritably a jack of all trades; from organizing volunteering events to editing the website verbiage, Ellie is truly a crucial member of the ETC Team.  Solving puzzles in Portal and sniping psychos in Borderlands helps her relieve some of the stress of being so awesome.  Ellie loves each of her animals – two cats, three birds, and the best of all – a newlywed husband!

Learn more about Ellie by reading her Employee Spotlight interview. 

What are the three traits you would use to describe yourself?

  •       creative
  •        introvert
  •       animal lover

What is your personal philosophy?

  •        Let it be

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without? Couldn’t live without

  •       “Me time”

What is one thing you cannot resist?

  •      Being lazy

What is your greatest fear?

  •       Death

Where is the best place you have  ever traveled?

  •        Coronado Island in California

o   The beach has glitter gold sand.

How would you define success:

  •        Making a change for the better.

Greatest challenge overcome

  •       Being a parent, although I have not overcome it yet!

Easy Time Clock is a great place to work because…

  • I am able to do the things I love with a great team.