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Special Mention for the Aspire Award Nominees Rob and Beth Allen

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma City Young Professionals are gearing up for their 2nd annual Horizon Awards event at 7 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 23 at the La Bella Event Center. This year, area businessman Mike Crandall is a nominee for an award, and the young professionals are presenting a special award to their advisor entitled, “the Leadership Impact Award.”   

Jill McCartney, CEO & President of the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber, is this year’s recipient of the special award.

“Jill has been very involved with the OKC Young Professionals since its inception in 2012. She has consistently been a great mentor to all young professionals through her leadership and stewardship. Her leadership has not only impacted all of those around her but has also inspired others to pursue leadership roles within their own communities,” said Terrance Craft, Chairman of the Oklahoma City Young Professionals.

The Leadership Impact Award is not the only special award that will be presented during the night. Other special awards include The Aspire Award and The Horizon Award.

The Aspire Award honors an established CEO / business owner in the Oklahoma City metro who young professionals “aspire” to be like one day. The Horizon Award honors young professionals who will be considered the “ones-to-watch” in the upcoming years in positively impacting the OKC metro with their knowledge, experience and leadership.

“What’s great about this event is not only are we recognizing up-and-coming young professionals, we are also recognizing and honoring those that came before us. CEOs and business owners that paved the way for us young professionals. It all comes full circle.” 

This year’s nominees for the Aspire Award (Most Admired CEO) are:Lawrence Ross, LMRoss; Mike Crandall, Sandler Training of Oklahoma; Debbie Lowery, Running Wild Catering; Jeff Cooper, Community Builders Church; and Beth & Rob Allen, Easy Time Clock.

The nominees for the Horizon Award will be revealed later this month via the OKC Young Professionals’ Facebook page. 

Other awards that are set to be presented during the ceremony are: The Connect Award, The Develop Award, Member of the Year and Young Business Owner of the Year.