It’s Our 4 Year Anniversary!

On January 1, 2016, our fearless leaders, Chuck and Alisha, went from being employees of Easy Time Clock, LLC to owners of Easy Time Clock, Inc.!

If you were to go up to Chuck and Alisha and ask how the last four years have gone, you would be met with a dramatic laugh and sigh.

Alisha says, ” I never imagined I would be an owner of a company and I had NO idea what responsibilities were ahead of us at the time. I am glad to say we survived and are finally to a place that we know what we are doing!”

Chuck has grown into a much more experienced developer. As a man of few words, Chuck says with a chuckle “I get more sleep now.”

This year ETC launched ETC Payroll and MyLilyPadApp. Next year the team has at least 3 more projects on the horizon.