3/18/2020 National State of Emergency – How Your Employees May Be Affected

Are your employees clocking in safely?

We know COVID-19 is all you’ve heard about for the last week, but let’s talk about how you and your employees may be affected on a daily basis. Shared contact is being discouraged. Are your employees sharing a device to clock in and out?

Here are some recommendations from the ETC team for precautions you can take to keep your employees safe.

1. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, don’t touch your face… of course, all of those things.

2. Allow mobile app access… for now.

To allow employees to use their own mobile devices to clock in and out using our free mobile app, grant access in the Setup tab, Access. Access can be granted and removed using the Access Mobile App column.

3. Remove restrictions temporarily.

Whether your employees are working remotely, or you just want them using different devices for clocking in and out, you can turn off any location restrictions you have in the Clock In Restriction page, located in the Setup tab. If you have restrictions set up currently, choose “Unrestricted” and Save Changes. None of your location settings will be removed, only turned off. When everything blows over, just come back to this page to turn the restriction back on.


Having employees use a proximity badge or key fob rather than a fingerprint can help limit contact. Proximity badges are only $1.50 each. You can place an order for badges here.

If employees are discontinuing using the fingerprint reader altogether, make sure they are not set to “Reader Only.” You can check this in the Reader Download page, located in the Setup tab. Then, employees can log in on a phone, tablet, or computer using the username they have listed in the Employee Setup page, located in the Setup tab.

We are still here and ready to help you in any way we can. Some of our staff are working remotely, so if we don’t answer right away, please leave us a message, and we will get back to you within the hour. As always, you can also email us at support@easytimeclock.com.

Everyone, please stay safe!