Ways to Work From Home

Right now there are many options to help businesses move to work from home. I have received dozens of emails discussing what companies are doing during this time. I am compiling all of the work from home hacks in this one location in hopes it helps keep our clients from having to search and search. I have done the work for you!

If your business phone service does not offer a remote option, FluentStream does. We have used FluentStream for at least a year now. Between their easy to use phones and app, with only a little bit of planning our team was up and running remotely.  Here are two very informative blogs from them on how they can help. First, they have a list of to-dos.

  1. Scheduled To-Do Lists in Advance
  2. Set up a Personal Conference Line
  3. Forward Everything to you to use at home 
  4. Make sure to charge all your devices
  5. Turning your cell phone into a business phone
  6. Pick a dedicated work spot
  7. Manage your team, even in your PJs
  8. Don’t forget to get dressed if you are going to be on a face to face call

You can read the direct article here

Second, they probe the question “do you wonder how to manage your remote workers now?” FluentStream has suggestions for that too. Check out this blog.

They recommend the following tools to work from home:

  1. Project management app 
  2. Keeping your calendars up to date
  3. Quality Headsets
  4. Remote Desktop Apps
  5. A conference call line
  6. Live Chat service
  7. Video conferences

At Easy Time Clock, we use FluentStream for our phone services, Gsuites for our email, chat and doc storage needs, Webex for video chats and screen shares and recently started to use Calendly to schedule appointments.

Cox recently gave us a free upgrade in internet speed during the Corona Virus work from home time.

YourIT is a simple and secure technology solution that has a “work from home” checklist. You do have to enter your name and email. You then are given a downloadable checklist. You can check that out here. They focus on work from home Cyber Security safety and backups.

If you find yourself having less work to do, here is a list of things you can do to build up your business’s online status.

  1. Create and plan your social media. T&S Online Marketing has blog after blog on how to build your digital presence. You can read their blogs here
  2. When was the last time you updated your business profile on Facebook, Google, Yelp and any other organization you might be involved in? Take the time now to log in to those profiles and make sure your information is up to date.
  3. Take the opportunity to do some digital “Spring Cleaning.” Go through Mailchimp, Constant Contact or any of your customer management tools and take out those old email addresses. 
  4. Take a peek at your own website. You might notice some things need to be updated.
  5. Do some digital networking. Go through your Linked In, Facebook or other social media and see if you have anyone to connect with. 
  6. Take this time to call your clients and check-in. While on the phone, ask them to Like your Facebook page if they haven’t.
  7. Research new topics that could grow your business. All those podcasts, blogs and business help books that you have said I’ll use one day- today is that day!

We will continue to add to this list as more options become available. Stay healthy!