Working From Home Series-Keep Work Stuff Restricted to Work Time.

The line between “office” and “home” seems to blur when you’re working from home. The stresses of work can easily bleed over into your home life if you aren’t careful.

The old adage tells you to “leave your baggage at the door” when coming home from work and vice versa, but what do you do when your office is one room over from where you sleep? Get yourself into a routine that can help you transition from being “on the clock” and off. Close your computer. Don’t come back to it until you absolutely have to. Turn off the lights to your work area. Shut down your workspace. Clean up your work area, throw away the trash. It is on you now to be the cleaning crew! When the time comes, pick your baggage back up, sort it out, resolve what you can, then close it back up for the day. Your mental health will thank you!

As I previously discussed in “Get A Breath of Fresh Air,” it’s important to step away and recalibrate once the day ends. Step outside and let the weight of the workday roll off your shoulders, then step back inside and enjoy your freedom for the day. Some will take the time to walk or run around the block. Maybe your family or your dog can join you. Some people will opt to sit on the porch and just relax. Or do a little yoga. Or read a book for half an hour. Count this outside break as your “commute” back home.

When you come back inside, you are, hopefully, transitioned for the day to start your evening freedom. Netflix or Hulu will be ready for you to binge and your family will be ready for dinner. In a worst-case scenario, if you find yourself working and not taking a break, set a timer! You deserve time for yourself too. When that break comes, whatever it is you choose to do, do so without thinking about your workday.