How to set up to work from home and do virtual education

Setting Up And Working From Home– your child needs a work place to call their own too.

With the recent news, the Legislature has passed that schools and workplaces be shut down in certain areas of the states, and just like your child, they need a workspace just as much as you do. 

At the office, your desk space is your command center; where the magic happens. The transition from an at-work office to an at-home office could be a bit difficult for some. So here are some tips on how to be efficient in setting up and working in your home office. 

First and foremost, instead of working in a leisure area such as a living room,  finding an isolated and quiet room to designate your work room will help you be able to get in and out of work mode. 

 It’s almost essential to ensure that your workspace is designated for work only. Studies have shown that separating work and home tasks is very beneficial for your mental health. If you can physically disconnect from your work on your off hours, this makes home life much more emotionally fulfilling and less stressful for you. Here’s a great example explaining the importance of disconnecting after work is over: How to Detach Emotionally From Work

 It’s important that you set up your workspace to be as efficient as possible. It’s important to have all of your immediate work-related tasks to be set up in front of you or have a designated space off to the side to store the work tasks. Move things around and organize your desk to best suit your needs. A great article to look further into this is an article by Kathryn Vasel entitled Here’s how your desk should be organized

After setting up your area, setting up your child’s space is important as well, regardless, they will need a chair and desk or table to do work on, preferably near a printer, in case your child’s teacher requires worksheets or any paper needed handouts to be printed. At the very least, listening to your child’s teacher on how they want their class to work is the most important. 

With these things in mind, hopefully, you’ll be able to transition into working from home a lot more efficiently and productively.