Easy Time Clock-Initial Setup

“Where do I go now?”

 Upon logging into ETC for the first time many of us have had similar words slip from our lips. No one likes being lost. Especially not within a service built upon making your life easier. This is why I’d like to share a few tips you can use to get through initial setup, hassle free.

The first place you’ll want to visit is the employee setup page. You can get there by clicking on “Setup” then “Employee Setup”. To create a new user, simply fill in the “Username” box with the employee’s name. If the password field is left blank, the user will be prompted to create one themselves upon logging in for the first time. When creating a new username I suggest adding the employee’s email and checking the “Send” checkbox next to it. This will send an email to the employee containing their username, company login, a link to the login page, and some instructions on how to login. Once the username and email (not required) are typed in, Save Changes.

Once all of your users have been added to the system I recommend viewing our two “Setup” pages, Report Setup and General Setup Options. These can both be accessed from our “Setup” tab at the top of the page. The report setup page will contain options primarily pertaining to pay periods, OT, and time/hours formatting. The general setup options page contains a more varied arrangement of settings. Remember to click the blue “[What’s This?]” button anytime you’re not familiar with a page/setting. This causes a useful help-file to pop up and explain the setting in a more detailed manner.

For further guidance, I highly suggest using our guided setup. You can access the guided setup by clicking on “Favorites” then “Guided Setup”. This page is especially useful if you ever feel like you may be missing something. It will automatically check off any pages/setup you’ve already gone through, and show which ones you haven’t. It’s also useful for not getting lost within the numerous features of the system as it automatically takes you to the next appropriate page. As always, you can check out our Help page http://easytimeclock.com/help or contact support for more help!