Working from Home-Manage Distractions

It’s easy to find yourself distracted while working from home. You don’t realize the perks of working from the office until you’re unable to work there. It’s important to remove yourself from the distractions of home if you wish to get your work done.

These distractions can be outside noise, like TVs or radios playing loudly, or the rambunctiousness of your children, your pets, roommates, and significant others.  Several of us over here at Easy Time Clock wear headphones. I found that playing music at a low volume helps me focus, as it seems to drown out the business of the world around me, but my solution may not be the solution that’s best suited for you.

Children should understand that working from home still carries with it a schedule that should still be adhered to if you wish to get work done in a timely manner. This may mean kids of a certain age may have to fend for themselves in terms of sorting out what to do with their boredom of being home. Playing video games or spending some much needed time outdoors may help, but others may need some extra care. A family meeting about expectations and schedule may be helpful. Let your family know what time you are “working” and what time you will be off or on a break.  Younger children can often do well with a parallel play of special “work” toys. Setting up a workspace for them with work time only activities, may gain you a few more minutes before another interruption.  As I previously stated in Know What You Need, you want to be sure that whatever it is they choose to do doesn’t get in the way of you being able to get your work done.

Dealing with the sounds of the outside is a bit more complicated, as you’re only in control of what exists inside the walls of your own home. As I previously stated, you may want to explore ways of stifling the disruptions outside from the inside, by way of music or something playing in the background. Whatever you choose to use to do to silence the outside, just be sure it’s nothing that can get in the way of your work.