The new look is here… as you can see!

We sure hope you like it, but we understand change can be hard. Let’s go over some details about the change and questions we think you might have…

The colors are probably the most drastic change you’ll notice. Everyone has been defaulted to the color scheme of the new look.

What about my custom colors?

Custom colors have been discontinued. Too much maintenance was required to accommodate the endless combination of colors!

Do I have to stay on these new colors?

We are working on adding a few different color pallets, including classic white and blue, and dark mode. If these color pallets prove compatible with the new style, they will be launched at a later date.

Can my account be pulled back to the old style?

So let’s talk functionality.

Is there anything different about editing time cards?

Nope! In fact, aside from a neat new feature, functionality hasn’t changed in any way.

Will my employees notice a difference?

Yes. But everything is still in the same place, so there shouldn’t be confusion.


We are excited to announce something we hope will be helpful for you in the long run.

Do you remember the old “Setup Maps” page?

Yuck! Pretty bad, huh? 

Well, we killed it with fire and replaced it with a pretty new page!

The best part of this page is “Add Employee.” If you’re utilizing a bunch of features, adding an employee becomes a labyrinth of tabs and pages, trying to get all of the settings applied to the newbie.


The Add Employee green button takes you through most every page YOU will need when setting up a new username. By that, we mean the setup map is built dynamically, based on what features YOU use!

Getting to the page with the green button is as easy as finding the little “add user” button in the grey footer…

We hope you enjoy the new look! Feel free to let us know what you think!

PS. If you experience any display issues, refresh it into submission! …and if that doesn’t work, try clearing your cache.