11/4/2020 Update Tonight!

Tonight’s update will include changes to instructional wording and some formatting issues. It will also include the following changes:

1. “Note Setup” located under Setup (used for Mileage, Reimbursements, Notes, and Attachments) will now be titled “Other Compensations” to better describe the most common uses for the feature.

2. “Entry Note” will now have its own section in General Setup Options, under Setup. This will hopefully clarify options available to this feature by consolidating the settings into one place.

3. In “Shifts,” the term “Early/Late Margin” will now be more charmingly named “Grace Period.”

4. When using the Change Request feature, the “Approve” column in Time Card Edit will be dynamic, based on whether or not the employee you are viewing has current requests.

5. New account ownership security measure!”

Please visit the Contact Information page and add a CEO name AND email address. We will not contact this email address unless verification is needed for an Admin transfer on the account. This email address can help to verify an Admin’s identity in case of a transfer in account ownership or loss of access to the Admin email address on file.

If your establishment does not have a CEO or owner, you can list the principal, executive… any “top dog” that can verify your identity as the Admin of the time clock account!