5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Working With HR Consultants

Contributed by guest author, Stephanie Haywood

Human resources departments are standard practice for larger businesses. After all, when you’re working with hundreds or thousands of employees, you need a group dedicated to making sure their needs are met. However, smaller businesses often don’t have staff explicitly dedicated to this work. 

Many business owners assume that, if their staff is small enough to know everyone, then it’s too small to need an HR department. Although full-time employees may not be necessary, even small businesses can benefit from working with HR pros. Here’s how working with HR consultants can help your business thrive.  

1. Getting More Organized 

HR pros come with a ton of expertise that you can use to make sure your business is running at its most efficient. For example, they could help you figure out a better way to track time for your team. Many small businesses use piecemeal approaches to time tracking and payroll. Although these might technically work, the right software can simplify and streamline your approach, saving time and money. Look for something that keeps tracking, scheduling, and reports all in the same place. 

2. Navigating Tricky Processes

Business owners often feel like they need to be experts in every single topic related to running a business, but that can feel pretty impossible. This is doubly true when it comes to HR-related topics like workers’ compensation, which can get complicated, fast. This is another area where a consultant can make a big difference. Experts are skilled at simplifying these topics and helping you understand your responsibilities as a business owner. This can keep you, your employees, and your bottom line healthier and happier. 

3. Handling Interpersonal Conflicts 

Collaboration is essential to nearly every business, but interpersonal conflicts can grind collaboration to a halt. That’s why it’s important for every business owner to have a concrete plan for identifying and intervening in these kinds of conflicts. Your consultant can help you learn interpersonal red flags so that you can quickly notice when an issue is cropping up within your team. Moreover, they can give you the conflict resolution skills you need to address and resolve the issue and get your team back to normal. 

4. Avoiding HR Catastrophes 

People are naturally imperfect, and that means that the world of human relations has plenty of opportunities for catastrophes. Major issues left unaddressed, such as workplace harassment or accessibility concerns, can easily escalate. These problems can lead to mass employee exodus, lawsuits, and can even result in your company going under. Working with HR professionals gives you the edge in identifying little problems before they snowball into big ones. Moreover, HR consultants can help you to build company protocols that avoid these kinds of issues altogether. For example, they can help you learn how to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities so that your whole staff can do their best work. 

5. Identifying Areas of Improvement and Hiring

Finally, HR consultants can do wonders simply by helping you identify areas of improvement in your workplace. There could be opportunities for growth at every point along your company’s journey with employees. For example, if you aren’t already, they can help you learn how to find candidates through less traditional avenues, such as Instagram. Doing so opens you up to a wider variety of new talent, and it’s as easy as using an Instagram post generator template from a site like Adobe Spark. Your HR consultant can help you create the copy for your post, and you can put it together with relative ease. HR consultants can then help you further develop your interview and onboarding processes.

That’s why bringing in outside experts is so powerful. An objective perspective can give you the insight you need to boost your business and make your company a better place for employees and leaders alike. We hope this article helps you to see the myriad benefits that HR consultants can bring so that you can make your company the best it can be. 

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Photo Credit: Burst