Terminating Usernames

Whether your employee is on leave for a few months, seasonal, or has been terminated from the company, if they aren’t using the system, you’ll want to make sure that username isn’t being charged on monthly invoices.  

Setup menu: Employee Setup


  1. Set to Inactive or Terminated
  2. Save Changes


Active: Charged on monthly invoices

InactiveNot charged on monthly invoices (usually used for seasonal or intermittent workers)

TerminatedNot charged on monthly invoices (usually used for workers no longer employed)



Remember, the username may be charged to one more invoice if there was usage within the billing cycle. 

Usernames can be re-activated in Setup, Employee Restore 

What about "Delete?"

Usernames should only be deleted if they were accidental, a duplicate, or otherwise not needed for use or historical purposes. After deletion, the system waits 18 months, and will then purge all data associated with the username.

For any username with actual time card data, we suggest "Inactive" or "Terminated."