How To Handle Your ETC Account with Temporary Changes

Has your employment structure changed in response to the pandemic? The following is a guide to how you can manage your time clock account until things get back to normal.

☆Companies with no active employees currently, but plan to resume employment after quarantine ends:

  1. Freeze all employees in the Employee Setup page. Click the [?] link, scroll to the bottom of the pop up, and click the “Freeze” button.
  2. Set your account to Seasonal in the Account Status page.

Setting to Seasonal will let the system know that although your employees have not been clocking in and out, you are still utilizing your account, so the account will not be auto-closed after a few months. This setting in no way affects how the account is billed.

☆Companies with a limited crew working, with plans to reactivate all employees after quarantine ends:

Set all employees who are not currently working to “Inactive” in the Employee Setup page.

☆Companies with employees working remotely:

  • If you are using location restrictions, turn them off in the Clock In Restriction page, or make individual employees exempt from the restriction in the Access page.
  • If you are wanting employees to use the mobile app, grant access in the Access page.
  • To allow employees to clock in outside of a badge, fingerprint, or face reader, obtain their login information in the Employee Setup page and, if applicable, turn off the “Reader Only” setting in the Reader Download page.

☆Companies that need to close their account: Your account can be closed in the Account Status page. Make sure you retrieve all reports needed before closing.

☆Companies with over 50 employees that are still working a limited crew:

Please contact Support for options.

We are here for you. Please let us know how we can help you keep your business running smoothly!