Update May 12 on Login Issues

What a ridiculous few days we’ve all had! Sorry again to anyone who was affected by the front page server going down this weekend. We have an important update regarding that issue and how to avoid it in the future…


If you or your employees have a shortcut to the login page that was not working the past few days, YOUR SHORTCUT NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!

The shortcut needs to look like this: “timeclock.easytimeclock.com/Login”

If your shortcut is only “easytimeclock.com/Login,” you may continue to have intermittent issues!

(If you want to know why: The “timeclock.” that comes before “easytimeclock.com” takes you to the server that hosts our login page and everything inside your and your employees’ accounts. It is incredibly uncommon that the server you use to manage your account and clock in and out would go down. (In those extremely rare situations, please have employees clock in using www.easytimeclock.net.) The only way to go straight to that server without touching the server that hosts the front page is to go to timeclock.easytimeclock.com/login. In most situations, the front page will redirect you to the login server. But if the front page server is down, that redirect cannot happen.)

So what’s the solution?

To never run into this problem again, create a new shortcut here: https://easytimeclock.com/resources/shortcut/

For questions or help, please email us: Support@EasyTimeClock.com