Can’t Access Login Page?

Are you having trouble accessing our login page using a shortcut or bookmark?

Our website host pushed an update that changed the way parts of our front page website work, resulting in some shortcuts being inoperable. This problem can be identified by the message: “Sorry! That page doesn’t seem to exist.

Here are some steps to adjust to this unexpected change:

Replace your shortcut here:

Did you try replacing the shortcut, and that didn’t work?

Try editing the shortcut you already have:

1. Right click on the shortcut

2. Choose Properties

3. Go to the Web Document tab

4. In the URL box, enter and click OK

5. For a more customized login page, use the Manual Shortcut section of the shortcut page

Mac user?

1. Dump your existing alias

2. Go to the shortcut page

3. Use the Manual Shortcut Creator section to customize your login page

4. Follow the MacOS instructions at the bottom of the page

Is the login page saying “Unauthorized Access” or “Login Failed?”

These are login issues caused by location restrictions or incorrect login credentials, and are not related to the shortcut issue. Please contact Support for assistance.

If you or your employees have followed these steps and are still having trouble, please reach out to us at, and we will be happy to assist!