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How does an employee log in for the first time?

What do my employees see then they log in?

What is my employees' Company Login/Username/Password?


How do I reset an employee's password?

Can my employee choose his or her own password?


How do I add an employee?

How do I create passwords for employees?

What does (Password is blank) mean?


My employee is no longer with the company. What now?

How do I terminate an employee in the system?

Can I still access reports and records of terminated employees?

If my employee has been let go, should I just delete the username?

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How do I set up approvals?

Can the system remind employees to approve their time cards?

Where can I view approvals?


How do I edit an employee's time card?

Can I add missing time on a time card?

Can I delete time off of a time card?

Can I add notes to a time card?

What does the asterisk (*) on time cards mean?

How do I approve time cards?


Can my employees request to make changes to their time cards?

How can my employees request time off?

Can supervisors approve time card requests?


Can my employees clock into different projects/departments?

Can I track time spent in different locations?

How do I assign projects to employees?

How can I track unpaid absences?


Can I combine multiple projects on reports?


How do I sync to my payroll company?

How do I run payroll?


Can I track tardies?

Can I restrict my employees from clocking in too early?

Can I receive an email or text when my employee is late?


Can I round employees' clock in/out times?

Can I round the total hours?

Can I view the actual time punches along with the rounded times?


Sometimes my employees run work-related errands after work. Can 15 minutes be added to the time they clock out?


What is "Workday Past Midnight?"

How do I combine hours after midnight into the previous day?

Why do my overnight employees have midnight entries in their time cards?


Can I limit GPS locations?

How do I limit where employees can clock in and out?

How do I limit clock ins based on IP address?

Can I make an employee exempt from location restrictions?

How can I stop my employees from clocking in at home?


How do I grant access to the ETC Vault?

How does my employee install the ETC Vault on his or her computer?

What is the ETC Vault restriction?

How do I set up the ETC Vault?


Where do I find the ETC Vault key code?

Why is my key code not working?

I'm already set up with the ETC Vault restriction, but how do I set up a new employee?


Full Reader Manual



How do I send usernames to the reader?

Can I restrict employees from being able to clock in anywhere but the reader?

How do I set a password for the reader?

Can I enter badge numbers online to send to the reader?


How do I enroll fingerprints for each employee?


Can my employees use a numeric password to clock in and out on the reader?

What should I do if the reader can't read an employee's fingerprints?


Employee Help: Clocking in with a reader


Employee Help: Clocking into a Break or Lunch with a reader


Employee Help: Clocking into a Project on a reader


Employee Help: Clocking into a Project using a WorkCode list


How do I connect my reader to WiFi?


Why is my reader not connecting to WiFi?

Why is my reader saying "Get IP Address Failed?"

How can I enter my WiFi password without a flash drive?

What if the flash drive upload doesn't work?


How do I connect my reader to Ethernet?


Can I lock the menu pages on the reader so that only the Admin sees them?

Why can I not choose "Admin" or "Enroll" access on the Reader Download page?

How can I allow supervisors to enroll fingerprints?


Are Serial Numbers the only way to differentiate my readers?

Can I track different locations with the readers?


Can I attach a bell or alarm to my reader?

Can I set my reader to sound an alarm at a certain time or on a certain day?

Does the reader have an internal alarm or bell?


How can employees clock into projects on the reader?

How can employees clock into lunch or breaks on the reader?

Can my employee view their last clock punch from the reader?


Why did I receive an email about a project not being found?

I disabled a project, but how do I remove it from my reader?

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Is the mobile app free?

How do I install the mobile app?

Can my employees use their phones to clock in and out?

How do I install the mobile app?


How do I grant access to the mobile app?

How do I limit employees to clock in and out ONLY from the mobile app?

Can I require GPS tracking?

How do I restrict clock ins by GPS?


How do employees clock out for lunch?

How can I track how much time is being spent on lunches or breaks?

Can I track paid breaks and unpaid lunches?

Can I limit how much of a break is paid?

Can I restrict employees from clocking in too early after lunch?


How do I set up an automatic lunch deduction?

What if I don't want my employees to clock in and out for lunch?


How do I enter custom lunch times for the Time Card Edit page?

How do I add lunch times on a time card?


How can I pay for part of a break, but have the rest of the time taken report as lunch?

What is a Break/Lunch Combo?


How do I make a supervisor?

How do I make departments?

How do I assign supervisors and departments?

How can I control my supervisor's access?


Supervisor Help: Approving time cards


Supervisor Help: Editing and approving time cards

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How do I set up Vacation time / PTO / Holiday time?

How do I set up accruals for PTO?


How do I adjust an employee's Vacation/Sick time balance?

How do I enter starting balances in PTO?


Can I apply time to several employees at once?

How do I enter holidays?


How do I apply California Sick Leave policies to my account?

How can I accrue one hour of sick/PTO time for every thirty hours worked?

I need to set up several companies in ETC, do I have to pay them all separately?

Can I access all of my combined accounts with one login?


Can I resell ETC to my clients?

Can I lock a client out of their account for deliquent payment?

Can I access my clients' accounts?


How do I make my account seasonal?

How do I mass inactivate my employees until I'm ready to start using the system again?


Can my bookkeeper or accountant pay the bill for Easy Time Clock?

How do I grant access to the billing pages for a username that isn't Admin?

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